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Learning That Can Change Your Life

OptimaLearning® is a system for accelerated learning and masterful performance that activates hidden brain/mind energy. It empowers memorization and recall, gives communications and presentations more impact, enables high achievement and super productivity, and generates creativity and motivation.
Van Gogh: Irises
Van Gogh: Irises
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You can learn more about OptimaLearning and its benefits in several ways. Ivan Barzakov, Ph.D., creator of the OptimaLearning system, provides personal coaching or customized training in the OptimaLearning system for individuals or small groups. Your professional organization or club can schedule him for speaking engagements. Or you can join others in workshops or arrange for custom in-house training programs. For more details, select one of the pages listed here. Then write to us at info@optimalearning.com or telephone 1.800.672.1717 (in the United States only) or 1.415.898.0013 for appointments or the latest schedule.

Communicating with Impact: New Program in 2004

You can achieve extraordinary impact and effectiveness in communications when you learn to synchronize both conscious and non-conscious aspects of your communications. Whether you are making presentations, promoting ideas, influencing juries or customers, interviewing for a job, telling stories, teaching, or interacting with family, you will be amazed at the difference you will see in your ability to get your message across.

Find out more about Dr. Barzakov's newest program that is also available through personalized consultations and coaching.

Beyond the Conscious: Optimizing Non-conscious Impact of Any Presentation
Five Secrets of a Charismatic Style
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Accelerative OptimaLearning in Art (AOLIA)

Growing out of the Gallery Walks that Dr. Ivan Barzakov has conducted over a number of years, this program was developed to integrate some of the processes that have proved so effective and transformational. Through skillful orchestration of experiences, the visual arts become a gateway to mind development in subtle, but dramatic ways. One technique he teaches is Dancing with Perception®. By approaching fine art with an open mind and strengthening your own innate pattern seeking processes, you train your mind to grasp the gestalt of experience or ideas, assimilating details clearly and quickly. Read the detailed account on this website of one person who reluctantly participated, only to discover that it was a life changing experience.

". . . (Dr. Barzakov) knew precisely what he was doing all along and carefully orchestrated the acceleration of learning to superb effect. . . Without a doubt an effect had taken place in my mind that was imperceptibly allowing me to change my perception. . . Over the next few days the effects of the AOLIA training became even more apparent. Everywhere I looked I saw form, color, tone and incredibly—beauty. . . "

"After having read some complex ideas from philosophy neuroscience, literature, etc., I understood them after one reading, two at the most! Not only did I understand them but could relate them to other concepts and seemingly unrelated ideas. . ."

"An unexpected outcome from the training was a constant stream of ideas, thoughts and perceptions totally unrelated to the fine arts began to flow from me. My note pad became full of ideas on a variety of topics to do with work, solutions to problems, and ideas for articles to be written. In essence I hesitate to say I became more creative, but instead the blocks had been removed to allow my creativity to surface."
—Rodney Polydore, London

AOLIA workshops in Rome & Naples Fine Arts Museums, November 28 — December 5, 2005 and in the Palace of the Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum, San Francisco, spring, 2006.

For personal consulting inquiries, go to Personalized Consulting & Coaching.

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