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Healing Sound: Music for Eye Surgery

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by Leo Wood
Being someone who has a very low tolerance for pain, especially surgery that haunts one with the cutting of human flesh and the loss of human blood, I took along my OptimaLearning Classics™ and my cassette player. While lying in a hospital bed being prepped for eye surgery, I relaxed and listened to beautiful music on my earphones.

My doctor came by and asked what I was doing. Opening my eyes I said, "I'm relaxing to prepare for surgery." He replied that it was not fair for me to listen to music if the surgery team could not. So Dr. Davidson suggested that we play my OptimaLearning music on my cassette player in the operating room, so we could all enjoy it. I agreed, adding that it would help him to do his job better. He concurred stating that the team would do better also.

The OptimaLearning music was playing as I was rolled into the operating room and the team and Dr. Davidson were talking about how wonderful and uplifting the music was. They did their jobs flawlessly. When the doctor roused me, it seemed as if very little time had passed. In the recovery room, I again listened to the music through my earphones. Quickly I recovered with no pain or complications.

On my follow-up visit to Dr. Davidson, he remarked that I had healed much faster than usual. I asked if he thought the music helped. He said yes. We talked about the value of music during the healing process. He is a lover of music and appreciated our discussion of its power and importance. He plans to buy a stereo for his office. We agree that music is a special gift for each of us to enjoy for our lifetimes on Earth.

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