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These articles and excerpts about OptimaLearning® share experiences and insights of learners of all ages, as well as teachers, consultants, and parents. Three are authored by Dr. Ivan Barzakov. Most are also available in the book The Essence and Impact of OptimaLearning® which may be ordered here Art prints and posters shown with these readings may be purchased by clicking on the button under each picture.
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Regatta at Argenteuil

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Basics of OptimaLearning

Harnessing the Brain's Hidden Powers: OptimaLearning The Art of Learning through the Arts
by Hugh J. Delehanty

What Teachers Have Said About OptimaLearning

Chemistry Reactions That Transform: OptimaLearning in High School
by Leo Wood

How Music Helps Learning Disabled Students
by Cinda Fisher

Transcending Cultural Barriers: Effective Holistic Learning Around the Globe
by Vickie R. Holtzapple

What People Have Said About OptimaLearning in Daily Life

Empowering the Mind through the Fine Arts: Accelerative OptimaLearning in Art (AOLIA)
by Rodney Polydore

Art and OptimaLearning
by Jeffrey Miraflor

OptimaLearning and Leadership
by Charles B. Gompertz

Healing Sound: Music for Eye Surgery
by Leo Wood

OptimaLearning and Stress Reduction

Transforming Stress into Positive Energy
by Ivan Barzakov

Using OptimaLearning

A Parent's Guide to Early Second Language Learning (from English/Spanish/French for Kids)
by Pamela Rand & Margaret Chambers

How to Read with Music™ in OptimaLearning
by Ivan Barzakov

Advanced OptimaLearning

Singing School: Means of Suggestion in Suggestology and in OptimaLearning
by Ivan Barzakov

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