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Resources for Accelerated Learning & Living

OptimaLearning® is a system for accelerated learning and masterful performance which activates hidden brain capacities. These carefully chosen products will introduce you to OptimaLearning and help you incorporate its principles and practice into your life.
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Impression at Sunrise

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At the heart of the OptimaLearning system is music, specially selected and sequenced. You may order albums that are designed for particular activities or personal needs, from studying for an exam to grieving for a loved one. Each album contained special directions about how to use the music to achieve desired results.

If you want to read more about the OptimaLearning system which has been developed over the past thirty years by Ivan Barzakov, Ph.D., you may begin by checking out the readings posted on this website. These articles are excerpts from books for sale here. Books by other authors espousing principles of accelerated learning are available under "Other Resources."

Originally the early principles of accelerated learning were formulated by Dr. Georgi Lozanov to transform language learning. We have included several programs that apply these principles to your mastery of a new language. In addition Pamela Rand, a leading OptimaLearning trainer, has created award-winning programs that introduce young children to other languages. Books, music, and parental/teacher instructions are available for Spanish, French, and English.

Fine arts, especially impressionist art, have a role in creating stress-free OptimaLearning environments of beauty and relaxation. Art also has transformative value, strengthening our minds' perspective abilities and our memory's retention and recall. We offer you access to many favorites, in poster, print or simulated canvas versions.

We learn throughout our lifetimes. Enjoy these resources for more productive, relaxed learning and joyous living.

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