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Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow

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Dr. Barzakov Scholar and Poet
Dr. Ivan Barzakov is a scholar, poet, skillful educator and lecturer. He is one of the world's leading experts in accelerated learning and mind development, and the use of music for optimum performance. He is the creator of the renowned Accelerated Learning in Art (AOLIA) programs. He holds several degrees, including a doctorate in education and educational psychology. He speaks nine languages. Over the past three decades his work has been of benefit to thousands of people around the world. His first book of poetry, "Raging in Grief", was recently published in Bulgarian.

The International Learning Revolution
Dr. Jeannette Vos, co-author of The Learning Revolution, and teaching seminars on accelerated learning internationally.

International Alliance for Learning
An international networking association dedicated to improving performance through accelerated learning, a successor to SALT, formerly the Society for Accelerative Learning and Teaching. An annual conference, newsletter, and other activities are supported by IAL..

SEAL: Society for Effective Affective Learning
SEAL is an international association of individual and institutional members who are passionate about learning. We are interested in how the brain works, how people learn and how we can help people learn better. United Kingdom.

The Center for Accelerated Learning
David Meier's organization is committed to fostering the growth of accelerated learning methods especially in training and education within the workplace. They provide tools to help speed and enhance learning in organizations.

Caine Learning, Home of Mind / Brain Learning
Professors Renate Nummela Caine and Geoffrey Caine share their brain/mind research, conduct leading-edge teacher training programs for educators, and consult with business and organizations on ways to make collective learning more powerful. Workshops, their books, and other resources are available.

This is the home site of the updated book SuperLearning 2000 by Lynn Schroeder, Sheila Ostrander and Nancy Ostrander.

The Learning Web, LTD

The Dana Foundation
The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropic organization with particular interest in neuroscience, immunology and arts education. The Foundation publishes an online newspaper Brain Works on recent research in areas related to brain-based learning.

Project Renaissance
Win Wenger's site is a source of books, articles, music, audiotape programs and other accelerated learning resources.

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