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Enjoy the Charismatic and Inspirational Style of Dr. Barzakov

Creativity and thinking can be enhanced and strengthened by how we approach learning. Dr Barzakov demonstrates and discusses OptimaLearning® techniques that dramatically accelerate learning and that lead to optimal super productivity with reduced stress. The Bulgarian educator who swam seven miles to freedom (see story in Superlearning, 2000), also engages his audiences through his storytelling. In his well-known inspirational and charismatic style, Barzakov provides useful tips and strategies for immediate application.
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OptimaLearning also can impact the informal learning challenges of life—finding meaning and purpose in our daily lives, transforming negative stress into positive energy and creativity, and using our minds and spirits to accelerate healing of our bodies.

Dr. Barzakov addresses today's concerns about quality of life through the OptimaLearning system. By showing people how easily they can incorporate the arts into their lives at work, in school, and with their families, he has helped thousands find greater enjoyment. Especially in these trying times, Dr. Barzakov has been able to assist many in dealing with distress and stress, anxiety and loss, crisis and grief.

Dr. Barzakov delivers speeches, lectures, and presentations to educational organizations, businesses, professional organizations, and community groups.

Five Secrets of a Charismatic Style

Learn how to develop a charismatic communications style. You will discover how to go beyond the conscious presentation of content to impact the receptivity of your listeners. You will see and hear how subtle movement and non-conscious gesture add to or detract from credibility of a speaker. Dr. Barzakov includes specific strategies and tips on how you too can develop into a memorable speaker who can give ideas impact and greater value. (For additional information, see the description of the related workshop, Beyond the Conscious: Optimizing Non-conscious Impact of Any Presentation, on this website.

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by Rosso Florentino

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OptimaLearning Classic Presentations

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Since 1978 Dr. Barzakov has been inspiring audiences around the world. He is a master at the integration of art and story telling. Choose one of the topics presented here or ask Dr. Barzakov about tailoring his speech or presentation to the interests of your group.
  • Enhancing Quality of Life through OptimaLearning and the Arts
  • Liberating Your Mind for Peak Achievement
  • Reversing Old Patterns of Learning to Accelerate Memory and Mastery
  • Coping with Anxiety, Distress and Crises in Work and Life and Beyond
  • Transforming Negative Stress into Positive Energy and Super Productivity
  • OptimaLearning: Going Beyond the Limits (see description below)
  • OptimaLearning: Joy of Learning (see description below)
Most presentations are a couple of hours in length with some audience interaction. However, upon request, Dr. Barzakov can shorten his presentation to a length appropriate for your event.

To explore your interests, contact Pamela Rand, Vice President, Barzak Educational Institute International. She can be reached: through email: barzak@optimalearning.com or by phone at 415-898-0013.

Here are more details on two popular presentations.

OptimaLearning: Going Beyond the Limits

Release the Hidden Powers of Your Mind for Peak
Achievement In Professional and Personal Life!

Description:Recent studies throughout the world clearly show that the mind is capable of performing extraordinary feats—both intellectual and physical. Most people, however, use a very small part of their brain/mind potential states Ivan Barzakov, Ph.D., who created OptimaLearning, an internationally acclaimed accelerated learning system. Imagine how your life would improve if you could tap this tremendous resource.

In his speech, Dr. Barzakov brings alive the incredible story of his own super achievement: a death-defying escape to freedom across a stormy Adriatic Sea. Spellbound, the audience follows his seven-mile swim in treacherous, shark infested water through lightning and earthquake. "I was never an athlete, just an average swimmer and not even in the best of health," comments Barzakov. Once in America, the man who risked everything became a leader in accelerated learning and optimum performance.

A highly entertaining and inspirational speaker, Barzakov leads a participatory demonstration to illustrate how anyone can access the hidden source of inner strength and self-determination. He draws from business and sports success stories to reveal the power of mental concentration. Dr. Barzakov also provides simple and effective strategies for achieving optimum concentration in order to excel in both professional and personal life.

In another demonstration, the presenter guides the participants to experience the effect of instant memorization without gimmicks—an assimilation of new information at a phenomenal rate with excellent retention.

Most importantly perhaps, the creator of OptimaLearning shares with his audience the rare skill of how to use these "hidden powers" to transform a situation of utmost crisis (such as loss of business, family, home, or unplanned career change) into a generator of success.

Format: Preferred length is 2 - 3 hours when simultaneous translation is needed. A short 50 minute version is also possible. Simultaneous translation doubles the time required.

Tailored to Audience: This presentation or speech is easily tailored to the needs and interests of specific audiences (teachers, trainers, managers, parents, students, therapists, or other professionals).

OptimaLearning: Joy of Learning

Release the Hidden Powers of Your Mind to Gain
Accelerated Learning and Quality of Life!

Description: "Our thinking lags behind our technology," states Dr. Ivan Barzakov. For many people learning is boring, difficult, or ineffective. Modern brain research, however, clearly indicates that when learning becomes easy, interesting and exciting—with a strong personal involvement—astonishing results are produced.

OptimaLearning, the internationally acclaimed accelerated learning system, transforms the learning process into a creative and highly efficient experience. It also increase thinking power, sharpens intelligence and optimizes performance. The end result is maximum efficiency and self-confidence with an ever-growing motivation—and an exciting, meaningful life.

In this age of information explosion and high demands on decision-making, Barzakov tells us how to "catch up." He demonstrates how to learn much more effectively and creatively, so that performance continually improves.

Through his well known and entertaining and charismatic style, Dr. Barzakov demonstrates and discusses OptimaLearning concepts and techniques for dramatically accelerated learning, super productivity, and enhancement of quality of life. He provides useful strategies and tips for immediate application. Participants gain insight into the keys to super memory and comprehension, without gimmicks or mnemonic devices.

In addition, attendees learn how to achieve maximum concentration with ease in task-oriented activities, how to transform negative emotions into positive energy, relax at will and eliminate accumulated stress in work and daily life.

Finally Barzakov projects the role of accelerated learning in meeting the demands of the 21st century thinking and creativity.

Format: Preferred length is 2 - 3 hours when simultaneous translation is needed. A short 50 minute version is also possible. Simultaneous translation doubles the time required.

Tailored to Audience: This presentation or speech is easily tailored to the needs and interests of specific audiences (teachers, trainers, managers, parents, students, therapists, or other professionals).

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