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"Reading with Music" Technique Empowers Your Memory

Reading with Music™ (expanded Concert Reading) is a remarkable OptimaLearning® technique that helps you understand and remember everything better — facts, formulas, ideas, dry material, vocabulary, anything you need to commit to memory. Use it whenever you need to quickly assimilate complex or technical materials. This new knowledge will be easy to retrieve for exams or interviews. Also an excellent technique to enhance teaching and presentations.
Monet: Water Lilies At Giverny, 1908
Water Lilies At Giverny

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Dr. Ivan Barzakov and senior training specialist Pamela Rand personally guide you through this authoritative training video.

Master this technique at your own pace
with demonstrations and guided practice.

What People Have Said

The OptimaLearning techniques, such as Reading With Music and the specially sequenced music tapes have greatly increased my ability to learn and retain new information. I am currently learning Spanish, which has been an unrealized dream for many years despite formal classes and home study courses. Mil gracias, Dr. Barzakov.
—J. U., Marketing Department Budget Analyst, Dallas Texas

My special ed students are experiencing extraordinary success in language acquisition and comprehension. I use the OptimaLearning Reading with Music and OL techniques to bring the special states of "quiet excitation and dynamic balance. " Their learning has improved tremendously.
—G.C., special education teacher, Redding, CA

I have been using OptimaLearning Reading with Music with great success with many classes that I have taken. OptimaLearning techniques make taking tests always easy with exciting scores. The music also increased my creativity with my photography.
—K .H., photographer, Rogue River, OR

A Must for Students,
Parents, Trainers and Presenters

A must for Students, Parents, Trainers, and Presenters

  • Boost your memory of facts, formulas, ideas
  • Assimilate material quickly
  • Teach or present with impact
  • Reduce stress significantly
  • Great for exams!
OLDVD-10 Reading with Music with Ivan Barzakov, Ph.D. (former Lozanov master instructor in Bulgaria and creator of OptimaLearning), and Pamela Rand (Chief OptimaLearning trainer). $29.95

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