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We invite you to contact us for additional information about our products or services or questions you have about the OptimaLearning® system. The Barzak Educational Institute is a non-profit 501c3 organization first incorporated in in the State of California in 1978.

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Monet: Impression at Sunrise
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Barzak Educational Institute
PO Box 1712
Novato, CA 94948-1712

What People Are Saying

The OptimaLearning techniques have transformed the way I view life. I am much more relaxed and balanced. Accumulated stress has been reduced, making life much more enjoyable.
—J.U. budget analyst, Dallas, Texas.

The OptimaLearning Reading with Music™ and the OptimaLearning techniques in general have helped me in many ways to bring exceptional results to my life and work. I have used OptimaLearning for more than 20 years: in the classroom; to make major career changes, to transform negative stress and negative patterns into creativity and super productivity, and for achieving optimal performance. The most significant "peak moments" in my life came during the times I used the OptimaLearning Reading with Music and method consistently.

Most of all I am eternally grateful to the OptimaLearning system for bringing to me a rich and wonderful quality of life. Colors are more beautiful, sounds are more lovely and life is more graceful.
—G.C., special education teacher, Redding, CA.

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