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Breakthroughs, Mastery and Transformations

For the past decade Ivan Barzakov, Ph.D, and the Barzak Educational Institute staff and associates have provided personalized consultation and coaching in OptimaLearning® to individuals or small groups of two or three persons. We work with you in person or by phone. We've worked with clients in the following areas:
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Accelerative OptimaLearning in Art (AOLIA) . Eliminating Blocks to Learning or Writing
Exam taking . Creativity . Overcoming Anxiety or Distress . Coping with Loss or Grief
Presentation Skills . Communications Style . Performance Enhancement

Ivan Barzakov, Ph.D., works with business managers, educators, speakers, other professionals, parents and students. Clients report breakthroughs in creativity, public speaking, writing, work productivity, sports performance, communications, learning speed, memory and recall. Remarkable results have been achieved even with a single consultation.

Coping with anxiety, distress, grief, or job loss is an area in which the OptimaLearning system, with its rich interaction with music and the arts, offers rewarding results. Dr. Barzakov works with individuals in this area, often as a complement to therapy. (See more on his background in About OptimaLearning.)

Pamela Rand, M.A., President of OptimaLearning Company, is a Barzak associate and leading OptimaLearning trainer. Her specialty is coaching for performance and public speaking. She is an accomplished actress herself. Author and producer of the OptimaLearning Language for Kids series, she also consults with teachers and parents on language learning for children. Pamela is the mother of three multilingual young adults.

With Ivan Barzakov or Pamela Rand you may reach a higher level of excellence in any area of learning, teaching, or performance. The newest OptimaLearning program, Beyond the Conscious: Optimizing Non-conscious Impact of Any Presentation, is also available through coaching sessions.

To find out more about our consultation and coaching services, contact us through email: barzak@optimalearning.com or by telephone 1.415.898.0013.

What People Are Saying

."As a result of consulting with Dr. Barzakov on the phone, I acquired extremely valuable skills to: 1) control and eventually eliminate my panic attacks and; 2) transform anxiety problems, stress and negative patterns into creative and supportive processes. Working with OptimaLearning has enriched and expanded the very quality of my life. Dr. Barzakov's consulting is also very compatible with therapy and encourages personal growth on many levels. Thank you, Dr. Barzakov, for bringing so many wonderful things in my life!."
—A.R., Sonoma, California

"After working with Dr. Barzakov, I not only lost my anxiety when I made presentations in my company and for clients, I also felt a new surge of energy and creativity while speaking. Even when we discuss controversial issues afterwards, the audience seems to sense my confidence and sincerity."
—R.J., San Jose

"When I used your Optimal skills for the first time, I received a standing ovation at my church. It is amazing how easy speaking becomes when I am truly aligning all my verbal and nonverbal communications . . . . Thanks, Ivan and Pamela, for taking the thorns away and helping me blossom as a speaker.."
—H.F., Houston

"Working with Dr. Barzakov has transformed my thinking. It has helped me to reduce accumulated stress, properly deal with emotions and allowed me to begin realizing my innate potential.."
—J.U., Dallas, Texas

"In working directly with Dr. Barzakov and incorporating the beautiful, healing music of OptimaLearning¨ albums 501 and 502, I found great comfort during my deep grieving process from the loss of my life partner. Dr. Barzakov is a gentle and compassionate person, and with his assistance and instructions in using the CDs, I spent many evenings feeling relief from the sadness in the early days of my grieving process."
—R. M., Ph.D., Washington

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