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Delightful, Award-winning Language Learning
for Kids on a Small Planet

OptimaLearning's Language for Kids Series is an award winning language learning series with songs, lively conversations and activity book for ages 2-12 which increases learning capacity and makes learning languages a joy (comes in Spanish, French and English).
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Your whole family will love the original songs and lively conversations in these unique language courses. Although especially designed for ages 2 to 12, these programs are fun and easy for all ages. No previous language experience is required of the parent/caregiver to use this highly motivational program. The new language is spoken and sung by native speakers in both adult and children's voices. The vocabulary of the songs and lively conversations will be learned quickly and soon become a special part of your family's daily routines. Based entirely on the proven OptimaLearning® method, these language courses increase total learning capacities for success in today's global economy.

OptimaLearning's Language for Kids Series
Awarded Parent's Choice Approval

To find out more about helping young children learn a new language, read Pamela Rand's article on this website titled "A Parent's Guide to Early Second Language Learning." She is the mother of three trilingual young adults.

One parent wrote: "The OptimaLearning¨ Spanish for Kids is the best language learning series I have ever used. The songs are fun, the conversations are relevant, and the activity book is a great reinforcement tool. Thanks, Pamela."
- J.U., Dallas,Texas

EXCELLENT for home schooled, early childhood and primary children.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for public and school libraries.

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What Parents Have Said

We bought the OptimaLearning's FRENCH (course) which my son and I really enjoyed. It is the only French tape and book for children I have ever seen or heard that I liked and I've listened to every commercially available tape I could find.
—L.G., Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

My (2 year old) son listens to it in the car and loves the music. When I put in the tape, the first thing he says is "Bonjour". He is already saying some phrases.
—Mrs. R.R., St. Mary's, Georgia

My husband is French and we have a 22 month-old daughter who loves the music (on FRENCH FOR KIDS). The voice is beautiful, clear and simple, not distracting.
—S.K., San Jose, California

I enjoyed your tapes and book called SPANISH FOR KIDS. I borrowed copy from the Phoenix Library. The presentation, music and lyrics in this special tape makes Spanish easy to learn.
—S.V., Phoenix, Arizona

I have recently purchased your FRENCH FOR KIDS and my husband who is French Canadian finds it excellent. It will help our children.
—R.L., Poway, California

We have enjoyed listening and learning from your Spanish tapes. However, since we borrow them from our local library, we have to keep giving them back! Please send us information on ordering.
—K.R., Thetford Center, Vermont

We've really enjoyed SPANISH FOR KIDS (that) we bought from you last year and now (we) would like to buy FRENCH FOR KIDS.
—E.S.., Galesburg, Illinois

Language Courses For Kids - French, Spanish, English

French for Kids

  With CD FRK 100D $19.95
Additional Book FRK 101 $8.95
Additional CD FRK 103 $10.95

Spanish for Kids

  With CD SPK 200D $19.95
Additional Book SPK 201 $8.95
Additional CD SPK 203 $10.95

English for Kids

  With CD ENK 300D $16.95
Additional Book ENK 301 $8.95
Additional CD ENK 303 $10.95
Cantamos CD SPKMUS $10.95

Un CD en Espanol con muy bonitas y muchorismo cancinones originals para los ninos hasta 14 anos y su familia.

A CD of wonderful and very rhythmic original Spanish songs for children and their families. Ages 2-12

Children's Spanish Language OLS 400 $39.85
  • Spanish for Kids with CD
  • Cantamos CD
  • OptimaLearning Classic Music CD (OLC 301 Baroque Music for Learning & Relaxation Vol. 1)
  • Get another OptimaLearning Classic Music CD for FREE! (OLC 601 Mozart & Baroque To Empower Learning & Performance)


For children Dr. Barzakov especially recommends OptimaLearning Classic CD's OCL301, OCL303, OCL502, and OCL601. See OptimaLearning Classics!

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