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Models and Strategies for OptimaLearning Results

The OptimaLearning® system for accelerated learning created by Ivan Barzakov, Ph.D., has enabled thousands of people to transform their learning, their performance, and their lives. Strategies and techniques include using music to empower learning, teaching and performance, and using relaxation techniques for optimal concentration and stress reduction.
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These books illuminate Dr. Barzakov's work in the field of accelerated learning and chronicle people's experiences with the OptimaLearning system. Dr. Barzakov details how to use music and the arts to accelerate mastery of almost any subject and how to create enabling learning and teaching environments. Other authors share their experiences in using OptimaLearning in teaching, parenting, consulting, and healing. Transformation of stress and stimulation of creativity are other topics explored. For additional readings check out the Readings section of this website and Music Albums Notes.

What People are Saying

After reading Dr. Barzakov's OptimaLearning¨ Workshop book and applying the principles, I have discovered a new freedom to enjoy my life as it was meant to be. I am able to understand myself better and reduce the stress of daily living. My productivity has improved and my co-workers have noted my attitude changes. We have all benefited from Dr. Barzakov's work.
—S. T., assistant manager, Texas

I was experiencing teacher burnout 21 years ago and then I discovered OptimaLearning! I have used OptimaLearning techniques and music to teach foreign languages, for teacher training and in my college courses. The students are remarkably more engaged in the learning process and I find myself eager to enter the classroom.
—C.M-B. assistant professor of humanities, Tulsa, Oklahoma

During the past 16 years, I have seen thousands of people using the OptimaLearning Classics#8482; music tapes and CDs as well as other OptimaLearning; techniques with great success. Students of all ages from pre-school to high school and college, teachers of all subject matter areas from special education to gifted programs, and parents have dramatically improved memory, comprehension and creativity. They have eliminated boredom from their work and made learning and teaching exciting and fun.
—L. M. W., teacher, Tempe, Arizona

I have been using OptimaLearning Reading with Music with great success with many classes that I have taken. OptimaLearning techniques make taking tests always easy with exciting scores.
—K .H., photographer, Rogue River, OR

To study for the exam to sell securities I used the OptimaLearning Self-Instruction model. It helped me to organize my studies, gave me tremendous endurance (I studied seventeen hours at a time with enthusiasm) improved significantly my comprehension and retention and most of all enabled me to conquer the wall-of-fear associated with the securities business. It transformed this fear into creative and productive energy.
—G.C., Redding, California

I appreciated your comments on making my storytelling sessions as Hans Christian Andersen into an OptimaLearning experience. I have utilized your suggestions many times since then and found it to work well with involving the children even more. Last week a friend came to see my Andersen show for the first time and commented on how well I involved the children, "Much like I imagine H. C. would have done", he said.
—R. M., actor and storyteller, California

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#OLB-20 The Essence and Impact of OptimaLearning

This bound collection includes in-depth reports on OptimaLearning, development and worldwide significance, as well as important book excerpts and articles by 25 contributors, which illuminate Dr. Barzakov's work in the field of accelerated learning. A special section details how to use music to empower learning, teaching, and performance. Numerous personal experiences by practitioners of OptimaLearning - teachers, business trainers, students, parents - illustrate how the techniques work to accelerate and optimize learning for peak achievement and self-realization, to improve the quality of your life.
(I. Barzakov and Associates, BEI 1995)

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#OLB-30 The OptimaLearning Workshop

A 36-page illustrated book on the world famous OptimaLearning Workshop. Features
models for Self-instruction and Test-taking in all subjects as well as relaxation techniques for optimal concentration. Also includes strategies for establishing most conducive learning environments, transforming negative emotions into positive, stimulating creativity, use of music, and more. (I. Barzakov and C. Gompertz, BEI 1990)

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#OLB-30-Guia de OptimaLearning (Aprendizaje Optimo)

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