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OptimaLearning® is an accelerated learning, teaching and performance system which incorporates music and visual arts into intellectual and personal development. Through orchestration of emotional stimuli (music, arts and stories) it strengthens memory and accelerates mastery. A key motivator for learning and mind development is its focus on creating meaning and purpose.

As an accelerated learning and performance system OptimaLearning activates hidden brain/mind energy using uniquely sequenced music and other art stimuli with special psychological techniques. It empowers memorization and recall, gives communications and presentations more impact, enables high achievement and super productivity and generates creativity and motivation.

People from all walks of life use OptimaLearning to eliminate counterproductive stress, to transform negativity into positive energy, to speed healing, and to enhance their quality of life and enjoyment of beauty.

Unique Training in Art Perception
Accelerative OptimaLearning In Art™

Van Gogh, White Roses
See Paintings Through New Eyes™
Empower your Mind and Life

deYoung Museum
Post-Impressionist Masterpieces
from the Musée d'Orsay

You too can see the essence of great art "through new eyes". Unlike traditional didactic museum tours, this ten hour training program in Accelerative Optima- Learning In Art™ (AOLIA) will train you to interact directly with paintings - immediately, personally and in-depth. AOLIA will help you discover the artistic VISION that emanates from each painting. This radically different method will sharpen your perception so that you can look at art with "painterly" eyes, eyes trained in specific techniques of "seeing".

You will be guided to discover the "secrets" of genius and build your own criteria for greatness in art. Through AOLIA you will profoundly experience the orchestration of color and form with the essence and meaning of artistic expression.

The techniques of the method activate dormant brain/mind energy to invoke major shifts not only in aesthetic perception, but in general perception as well. AOLIA also strengthens your innate pattern-seeking processes. It trains your mind to grasp the gestalt of experience or ideas, assimilating details clearly and quickly.

As a special bonus, you will be introduced to a brief history of critical paradigm shifts in European painting, period by period.
You will also learn about key pictorial components and how they interact with one another - form and color; composition; light and shade; contrast, complementation; multiple perspectives - and all that in action. Most importantly, you will learn to ENJOY art in museums or outside them - everywhere!

Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, AOLIA's optimally interactive process will help you expand your vision, feeling and perception. This leads to creating new connections, sharpening mental processes, generating ideas, and stimulating your creativity in work and life.

Join Dr. Ivan Barzakov, the creator of OptimaLearning® and this specialized AOLIA program. For the past five years Dr. Barzakov has conducted AOLIA programs in major art museums in London, New York, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and San Francisco.

You will go home with special tools. Then you can use these tools with paintings from any culture anywhere in the world to make any picture come alive! Moreover you will carry your new perceptual skills beyond the museum walls, seeing beauty more vividly in nature and in life.

"Not only can I see paintings with new eyes. I see the world differently too. I discover beauty everywhere."
"AOLIA gave me a vitality I hadn't experienced before. My creativity has exploded."

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